My humble designer life
I’ve been sailing the graphic design waters for eighteen years and captaining my solo freelance venture for fourteen of those years, and in that time my love for design hasn’t been lost at sea. I cannot imagine doing anything else and hope I never have to. Beyond creativity, my skills have limited horizons. There is no reason for these sea-related puns, other than adding a splash of interest to this paragraph (I'm not even a beach person, although my great grandfather was a ship builder). I’ll now drop anchor on the puns.
As a graphic designer a very large portion of my life is spent staring at a computer screen. When all is going well, this is a loving stare. Between pixel gazing, drinking coffee, and checking the BOM weather app for the latest updates – because experiencing four seasons in a single lunch break is a real possibility in Melbourne – my daily aim is to use my creative powers to deliver great design outcomes for my clients – helping them to effectively promote their business or product to their target audience. 
So, if you need someone who is a stickler for details, can handle all of your creative needs, and can also give you the latest local weather forecast, look no further.
Clients and projects
I am based in Naarm/Melbourne but work with all kinds of clients from all over Australia, from small businesses to publishing houses and government departments, and everything in between. I've worked on all kinds of design projects, from packaging for frozen potato cakes to a kid's book about lizards – you name it and there’s a high likelihood I’ve done it. If you’d like to read a list of the kinds of projects I have experience with, I’ve got just the thing for you:

     •   logos, visual identities and branding
     •   business cards and stationery
     •   book illustration, book design and typesetting
     •   food packaging and product packaging
     •   annual reports and long format documents
     •   information design, graphs and diagrams
     •   product brochures and catalogues
     •   posters, banners and other promotional materials
     •   greeting cards and event invitations
     •   slide presentations and interactive PDFs
     •   basic GIF animations
     •   social media promotions
     •   small business websites
Visit my Linked In profile to read more about my design industry experience, and feel free to make a connection request.

Creative beginnings
My creative “journey” began as a child who obsessively stayed within the lines of an extensive coloring book collection. In high school graphics and art were my favorite subjects, where I created numerous mediocre reimaginings of album covers using an unique range of materials – primarily black markers and Derwent pencils. Eventually I progressed to completing a degree in Communication Design at Swinburne Uni (back when their design school was in Prahran) and Fanny's your aunt – I’m still happily working as a designer and illustrator all these years later.
Additional yet irrelevant info
     •   Like a typical and cliché Melburnian, I love coffee.
     •   Did you know 'Melburnian' is spelt without an 'o'?
     •   I think the pigeon is a seriously underrated bird.