After 15+ years of experience working as a designer/illustrator on all kinds of creative projects, I've identified those projects that inspire me the most – please explore the details of my main design services below. Reach out to say 'hello' and we can discuss how we can bring your project to life.
VISUAL identity & logo design
Build credibility. Stand out. Be proud.
A logo (also known as a visual identity) is the face of your business and brand. A well-designed logo will stand out and make a great first impression. It should communicate your offerings and values, and separate you from your competition. A well-designed logo will appeal to the right audience, playing a crucial role in driving customer loyalty and brand recall.
Product packaging DESIGN
Protect. Promote. Position. Present.
Packaging is more than just a container – it's your brand's first impression to your audience. Whether you're launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, I will work with you to understand your vision, target audience, and market trends, ensuring that your packaging design stands out on the shelf and sets your product apart.
Cover Design. Typesetting. Illustrations. Infographics.
While it's commonly said that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, the reality is that we all do. If you're a writer who has dedicated immense time and effort to writing your book, your book's design should reflect that. Investing in professional book design services is essential. A quality cover design can be the deciding factor between someone engaging with your book or not. And with professional typesetting your audience won't be put off reading your book by an inappropriate typeface or unsuitable text leading.